Quantifiers - One Minute Grammar

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What did you get at the shop? <br>Quantifiers - One Minute Grammar <br>Natalie / Englandflaf

Quantifiers - One Minute Grammar

Natalie / Englandflaf

What did you get at the shop?

This is what I bought a family mart.

I have some crisps. 

I don't have many bananas. 

I also don't have many batteries.

I do have some muffins. 

I also have some water.

I have some milk. 

I don't have many eggs.

I have some rice balls. 

I don't have many chocolate bars. 

I also have some ramen. 

I have a lot of rice.

And I have a lot of yogurt.


Basic Quantifiers

many / a lot of - Use many and a lot of with countable nouns to show high quantity in affirmative sentences and low quantity in negative sentences.

  • I have many books.
  • I have a lot of books.
  • I don't have many magazines.
  • I don't have a lot of magazines.

Some - Use some for both countable and uncountable nouns to show indefinite quantity. Some is only used in positive sentences.


  • I have some books.
  • I have have some green socks.


  • I have some time.
  • I have some money.

A lot of - Use a lot of for uncountable nouns in affirmative sentences to show high quantity.

  • I eat a lot of cheese.
  • She has a lot of money.

Much / A lot of - Use much and a lot of for uncountable nouns in negative sentences to show low quantity.

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